You Too Can Get Your Own, A Muscular Greek God Body


Use Free Weights instead of Machines More OftenMachines will have its uses, but for a start, concentrate on free weights. That means work almost exclusively with barbells and dumb bells. Free weights recruit many stabilizing muscles for balance and control. That means … [Read more...]

Motivation To Work Out


Finding motivation to work out can be difficult at times. Use these 9 easy, effective tips to help keep motivated.Write your goal Its obvious that we sign up at the gym for a reason, but sometimes we lose track of our objectives when theyre not reaffirmed. Write down the reason you wanted to go … [Read more...]

Stay Healthy And Active With These Fitness Tips


To protect your body and also your weight, do not be afraid to drink milk. Milk is as critical to the health of our bodies as adults as it was when we were babies. Plus, while milk may have more calories or fat than water or sports drinks studies have consistently shown that people that drink milk … [Read more...]