You Too Can Get Your Own, A Muscular Greek God Body

f_11322252371_ladyexercising.jpgUse Free Weights instead of Machines More Often

Machines will have its uses, but for a start, concentrate on free weights. That means work nearly exclusively with barbells and dumb bells. Free weights recruit many stabilizing muscles for balance and control. That means you will work a lot more muscle parts other than the intended ones. That will give rise to small bumps, striations and definitions all over your body instead of one huge lump of muscle on your intended muscle. Because of the extra stimulant made, your muscles grow quicker too. Why else do you reckon all professional body builders nearly exclusively use free weights?
Compound Exercises Instead Of Isolation Exercises
Use as many compound exercises as possible to your workouts. Compound exercises are exercises that involve 2 or more joint movements. Because they use more joints, that means superior muscle mass are involved. Superior muscle mass means heavier weights. Heavier weights means superior muscle gain.
Some brilliant compound exercises are the Squat, Deadlift, Chin ups, Dips, Bench press, Barbell Press, Lunges, Bent-Over Barbell Row…etc.
Train with Intensity 
You must train intensively like a mad man for your muscle to grow. Try to do more reps or add more weight than the previous session or your muscles will reckon, “Ah… we’ve done that. Nothing new, so no need to grow larger and stronger.”
Because of this, it is vital that every time you train hard, you give your body time to recover as it has suffered strains and really sustained many small scarring. Your muscles grow when you rest, especially when you sleep and not in the gym. So sleep at least 8 hours a day. Also, do not train everyday or work the same muscle group more than once or twice a week. If your training was vigorous enough, do no more than an hour per session.
Try not to do cardio work on the same day as your weight lifting work. In fact, during the muscle building phase, you should do less cardio work as aerobic exercises burn muscles. You can increase your cardio work when we come to the cutting phase, to lose fats and gain rippling definition.
Right Technique And Form
Everywhere, everyday, you will see people using incorrect form and technique when training with weights. This not only compromises your growth, it will also make you susceptible to injuries.
Incorrect form occurs ordinarily when people try to lift weights that are too heavy, whether out of vanity or ignorance. As a guide, always lift with strict focus on the muscle you intend to build for that particular exercise. Feel it contract and proffer. Lift the weights deliberately and slowly. Never ever swing your weights up especially when doing bicep curls or the military press. Lower the weights slowly, compelling about 3 seconds instead of letting gravity pull the weight down. You must fight gravity to stimulate the muscles, if not, half of your effort is going to waste. Another ordinary mistake is when people arch their back when they are doing their bench presses. By arching your back, you are using your spine to press the weight up. Your back must be pressed against the bench at all times for the exercise to be effectively working on your chest! But you MUST arch your back when doing squats and deadlift.
With some exceptions, as a general rule, if you can lift a weight in excellent form for more than 10 reps, it is too light. Conversely, if you can’t lift it more than 5 times in excellent form, it is too heavy.
To Grow Quick and Huge, You Must Perform Lower Body Exercises!
This is what most people don’t grasp. Your lower body makes up 60-70% of your musculature. If you don’t train them, not only will you look spider-legged, your full body will not grow as quickly and as large. Don’t reckon that you can hide those skinny legs in your pants! Most people do not train their legs because squats, dead lifts and lunges can be very grueling exercises. But it is precisely because of such intensity that you will produce more growth hormones when you sleep and overall strong development is stimulated.
EAT and EAT Correctly
Losing weight and building muscles cannot happen at the same time although here are methods to do so and will be too technological to describe here. To lose weight, you must have a caloric shortage. To build muscles, you must have more calories, period! So do not be worried to eat. Have plenty of protein, moderate complex carbs and some excellent oil like Omega, olive, flaxseed, fish etc., especially at once after a workout. That is when your body is most nutrient hungry and will absorb no matter what you eat very quickly. The longer you delay eating after a workout, the less effective it will be. Even surpass, take quick absorption protein shakes and high glycemic carbs during this time. The carbs will induce insulin manufacture nearly at once and ferry the protein to your muscle cells very quickly.
Eat about 2 gm of protein for each kg of your bodyweight or 1 gm per pound of your body weight. Spread your meals evenly throughout the day about 3 hours apart. It is advisable that you have supplementation of Creatine, Protein, Multivitamins and L-Glutamine.
Yes, you will probably gain weight, but a lot of it will be muscle weight because muscles are heavier than fats. You may also gain some fats because of the extra calories consumed. Don’t worry, it is a pleased problem because the more muscles you have, the simpler the fats are to shed when you come to the cutting up phase to get those rippling definitions. 
Simple isn’t it? Now that you know the proof, the rest is up to your determination. 

But remember to warm up and cool down, as well as stretching before and after each session; Or even surpass, after each set for surpass muscle recovery and prevention of injuries. :)

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