How to Improve The Glide of a Curtain Rail, Pole or Track

21322251393_jog.jpgA curtain rail, pole or footstep can be very frustrating at times when trying to open or close the curtains. If they are maintained regularly, this will prevent them from sticking and will glide along the rail smoothly. There is something that I use for this, which most likely you by now have in your house. So you won’t have to rush out and buy a new product to improve the glide on your curtain rail, pole or footstep.  

Getting your curtains to run smoothly
1. Remove the curtains

The at the initiation thing to do is remove the curtains, if removing them is too much of a problem don’t worry. You will probably manage ok, not all curtains are simple to remove but if you can that’s even better. Make sure you keep all the fixings together and place in a plastic bag to prevent them from being lost.

2. Cleaning the rail

Clean the curtain rail with some mild soapy water using a well squeezed out cloth making sure you reach all the areas of the rail or footstep. Dry using a clean cloth then run your hand along the footstep to make sure there are no burrs or anything that might interfere with the glide of the curtains. 

3. Apply the polish

The next step involves improving the glide of the curtains. If you have a furniture polish spray or even some wax polish, apply some to folded kitchen paper and wipe along the rail or footstep (don’t place any filtrate). This can be done whenever the curtains appear to be sticking. No matter what you use make sure it contains silicone or wax. 

4. Shower curtain

This method can also apply to the shower curtain rail. Remove the curtain, and if it is slightly grubby or discoloured at the bottom give it wash in the bath in some very weak house hold bleach key and rinse well. 

5. Clean the shower curtain rail

After you have washed the curtain, clean the rail using a kitchen scourer and mild soapy water. Dry with clean cloth and apply the silicone or wax as above, and hang the curtain. If the rail is metal, by coating the rail with silicone this will prevent any rust forming on top of the shower rail. 

I hope the article above is helpful. I have been using silicone or wax on my curtain rails for many years and it makes it much simpler to open and close the curtains. This is especially helpful in the bathroom where you need the shower curtain to run smooth.

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